Printing Guide

The easy way to print your downloaded 'Classic Print' Files using

Doxdirect example instant qoute.jpg

Step 1:

Using your internet browser find the website

Fill in the instant quote form

If you want a print measuring 23.4in x 16.5in select

Product: 'A2 Poster'

Colour: 'Black & White'

Paper: '190gsm White Satin'

Click 'Order Now'

Doxdirect example upload.jpg

Step 2:

Drag and drop your download file into the form, a progress bar will indicate the progress of your upload to

Please note you can upload multiple files.


When fully uploaded.

Click 'Continue'

Doxdirect example configure.jpg

Step 3:

If you can see your 'Classic Print'

Click 'Checkout'

Doxdirect example checkout.jpg

Step 4:

Fill in your details

Fill in your billing address details

View your basket and make a secure payment.